Commission Cracks Down on Workers Compensation Fraud

Tennessee Cracks Down on Employer Workers' Comp Fraud in the Construction Industry The Tennessee Department of Labor announced that it has been expanding its efforts to uncover employer workers compensation fraud in the construction industry in order to better protect workers in the construction industry who are entitled to file a workers compensation claim. The Workers Compensation Division has implemented new procedures to identify potential workers comp and payroll fraud such as intentionally misclassifying workers as independent … [Read more...]

Louisiana Workers Comp Bill Against Saints Shelved

Louisiana Shelves Workers Comp Bill Changing Rules for Football Louisiana lawmakers have decided to shelve a bill that would change workers comp rules for football players, after the debate between New Orleans’ Saints owner Tom Benson and the NFL Player’s Association became heated. Representative Chris Broadwater (R-Hammond) said on Tuesday, May 27th that the state’s lawmakers would shelve the workers comp proposal in the hopes that the team and its owner can come to an agreement instead. The proposed changes to the state’s workers comp … [Read more...]

NFL Players Union Blasts Louisiana Workers Comp Bill

NFL Players Association Fights Changes to Louisiana Workers Comp The New Orleans Saints recently supported a bill that changed workers comp premium payouts for football players, and now the NFL Players Association is fighting back. NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said of the legislation, which passed the Louisiana House of Representatives on May 7th, that the workers comp changes “specifically targets professional athletes, to take away or limit their workers’ compensation benefits.” The workers comp legislation proposes to … [Read more...]

Workers Comp Terrorism Insurance Bill Questioned

Terrorism Insurance Surcharge Is Coming Up for Renewal, But Lawmakers Question the Workers Comp Add-On For 10 years, states across the US have paid a small workers comp surcharge that would cover employees and businesses in the event of a terrorist attack. The bill is now approaching renewal, and lawmakers are beginning to question the validity of the workers comp addition. Although the amount each state workers comp insurer charges is relatively small - in Illinois, the surcharge is around 4 cents, while in Virginia, the surcharge is … [Read more...]

Louisiana Workers Comp Cost Higher Than Most

Louisiana Outpatient Services Get Higher Workers Comp Payments, Premiums Higher In a recent survey of 16 states, conducted by the Workers Compensation Research Institute, Louisiana workers comp payments for medical care were higher, and growing faster, than other states surveyed. The WCRI study, CompScope Medical Benchmarks for Louisiana 14th Edition, found that medical payments from workers comp grew 7% per year from 2006 to 2011 – a faster growth rate than other states surveyed. The major contributor to the high workers comp payments … [Read more...]