Louisiana Workers Comp Bill Against Saints Shelved

Louisiana Shelves Workers Comp Bill Changing Rules for Football Louisiana lawmakers have decided to shelve a bill that would change workers comp rules for football players, after the debate between New Orleans’ Saints owner Tom Benson and the NFL Player’s Association became heated. Representative Chris Broadwater (R-Hammond) said on Tuesday, May 27th that the state’s lawmakers would shelve the workers comp proposal in the hopes that the team and its owner can come to an agreement instead. The proposed changes to the state’s workers comp … [Read more...]

NFL Players Union Blasts Louisiana Workers Comp Bill

NFL Players Association Fights Changes to Louisiana Workers Comp The New Orleans Saints recently supported a bill that changed workers comp premium payouts for football players, and now the NFL Players Association is fighting back. NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said of the legislation, which passed the Louisiana House of Representatives on May 7th, that the workers comp changes “specifically targets professional athletes, to take away or limit their workers’ compensation benefits.” The workers comp legislation proposes to … [Read more...]

Arizona Workers Comp Bill Shelved Until Next Year

Arizona Shelves Workers Comp Bill Until 2015 Session A bill in Arizona that proposed to prohibit workers from filing workers comp lawsuits if they were denied workers comp payments has been shelved for one year, until 2015. The proposed bill, HB 2455, passed the House Committee on Insurance and Retirement 4-3, and will advance to the Rules Committee. HB 2455 proposes to give exclusive jurisdiction of bad faith claims against workers comp companies to the Industrial Commission of Arizona. If the Industrial Commission determines that the … [Read more...]

New Workers Comp Bill Could Protect Sandy Hook Victims

Witnesses and Victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting Could Receive Expanded Workers Comp Public employees and teachers who witnessed the horrible Sandy Hook school shooting could, thanks to a new bill passed by the Connecticut Legislature, receive expanded workers comp benefits. While some benefits were expanded just after the terrible tragedy in 2012, payments did not cover continued mental health treatment needed to help emergency workers and teachers at the school recover from their post-traumatic stress disorder and return to … [Read more...]

House Bill Expands Workers Comp Benefits for SC Police Officers

South Carolina House Passes Expanded Workers Comp Bill for Police Officers with Work-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Police officers suffer a great deal of mental and emotional stress in the course of their jobs, and now a bill passed by the South Carolina House of Representatives will expand workers comp help to support officers with post-traumatic stress disorder. The bill, passed Wednesday, January 15th, was inspired by the case of Brandon Bentley, a police officer from Spartanburg, SC. While working for the Spartanburg County … [Read more...]

New Jersey Senate Fails to Revive First Responders Workers Comp Bill

After Veto by Governor Chris Christie, NJ Senate Cannot Bring Back Workers Comp Bill The Thomas P. Canzanella Bill, aka S1778, was vetoed by Governor Chris Christie in July. Now, officially, the New Jersey Senate has failed to revive the workers comp bill that would expand the ability to apply for benefits for first responders. The bill was named for Thomas P. Canzanella, a firefighter from Hackensack who spent several weeks at Ground Zero after 9/11. He championed workers comp coverage for occupational diseases endemic to first responders … [Read more...]