Louisiana Workers Comp Bill Against Saints Shelved

Louisiana Shelves Workers Comp Bill Changing Rules for Football

workers compLouisiana lawmakers have decided to shelve a bill that would change workers comp rules for football players, after the debate between New Orleans’ Saints owner Tom Benson and the NFL Player’s Association became heated.

Representative Chris Broadwater (R-Hammond) said on Tuesday, May 27th that the state’s lawmakers would shelve the workers comp proposal in the hopes that the team and its owner can come to an agreement instead.

The proposed changes to the state’s workers comp laws would calculate workers benefits for professional athletes based on recent earnings, not future wages. The NFLPA said that the change to the workers comp calculation would lessen the amount of injury pay that Saints players would receive. Officials for the Saints said that they were trying to stop repeated lawsuits over workers comp claims.

“The fight in Louisiana proves that players are personally invested in their health and safety. Now is the time for the NFL to take greater leadership on the issue of workers compensation to ensure players have equal treatment in every state,” Eric Winston, president of the NFL Players Association, said in a statement.

Although the workers comp bill passed the House, debate intensified in the Senate. On Tuesday, about 50 players for the Saints visited state senators to urge them to drop the workers comp bill.

“It just shows how important workers comp is to us,” Saints quarterback Drew Brees told lawmakers in the House chamber.

Currently, workers receive per diems during off-season workouts and training sessions; the new bill suggested that workers comp should be based on the per diems, not on what players might earn during the season. That would lower potential workers comp payments if a player was injured during the off season.

“We never got to a point where we were able to compromise,” Chris Kane, an attorney retained by the New Orleans Saints on the issue, said. “I think we all can recognize that it’s an issue that needs to be resolved, and we hope that we can have those discussions and get to a place where we can put the litigation to bed.”

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