No Health Care Benefits Could Increase Workers Comp Claims

Walmart Cuts Health Care Benefits to Part-Time Employees, But Move Could Increase Workers Comp Claims Retail giant Walmart recently announced that the company planned to raise health care costs for 1.3 million of its full-time staff, and health care benefits would be cut completely for the 30,000 part-time workers who work at Walmart stores less than 30 hours per week. However, studies in worker health care benefits suggest that Walmart could have increased its overall costs, because employees without health insurance often seek financial … [Read more...]

Sharing Economy Is Not Caring – No Workers Comp Benefits

Independent Contractors Have No Workers Comp Benefits in the Sharing Economy In recent months, numerous independent contractors working for all kinds of businesses – from Google coders to exotic dancers to sharing economy employees – have filed lawsuits claiming that their employers are in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Many companies have been accused of violating fair wage laws by hiring employees as independent contractors so that the companies pay less for employment taxes and health benefits. But independent contractors also … [Read more...]

Workers Comp Death Benefits Upheld for Man Who Died on Treadmill

Workers Comp Death Benefits Still Go To Widow Because Man Was Using Home Office Treadmill The highest workers compensation court in Maine upheld a ruling on Thursday, January 22nd, that the widow of a man who died from a heart attack while using a treadmill in his home office is still entitled to workers comp death benefits. The Supreme Judicial Court unanimously rejected the appeal from the Salvation Army, which claimed that Gregory Sullwold’s widow was not entitled to workers comp death benefits, because her husband died at home and not … [Read more...]

Ohio Workers Comp Settlement for $420 Million

Workers Comp Bureau of Ohio  Class Action Workers Comp Settlement for $420 Million A judge in Ohio has okayed a workers comp settlement in a class action lawsuit against the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, to the tune of $420 million. The class action lawsuit, approved on Thursday, July 24th, settles a 7-year-long case against the workers comp bureau that alleges state employers were overcharges for their workers comp premiums. The $420 million will go to a fund to around 200,000 small businesses to repay the workers comp money they … [Read more...]

SC Workers Comp Rates Set to Decrease

South Carolina Workers Comp Premiums Will Go Down in 2nd Half of 2014 SC workers comp premiums are set to decrease by 7.4% in the second half of 2014, after two years of moderate increases. Director of Insurance Ray Farmer agreed to the new SC workers compensation rates, which he says will take effect on September 1st this year. “We’ve had a good sign when it comes to frequency and severity and this is another positive for businesses in South Carolina,” said Farmer. The National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI) filed for the … [Read more...]

Third-Party Liability in Workers Comp Claims

Workplace Accidents, Workers Compensation, and Third-Party Liability for Injuries on the Job When a worker is injured on the job, the obvious course of action is to file for workers compensation. Employers in every state in the US are required to pay for workers comp insurance to protect their workers. However, workers comp claims pay out medical care specifically related to the workplace injury and for lost wages. If egregious safety violations from the employer are the cause of the workplace injury or accident, then there are few safety … [Read more...]

No Workers Comp Benefits for Paralyzed Car Crash Victim

Paralyzed Victim Not On Employer’s Time, Workers Comp Benefits Denied A state appeals court ruled that a North Carolina man cannot receive workers comp benefits for a car crash that occurred after he attended a lunch organized by his employer. In 2010, John Graven Jr. worked for the North Carolina Highway Patrol as a technical support analyst. He and co-worker Kathryn Wall attended a lunch that the Highway Patrol organized “to celebrate the department’s hard work.” However, the lunch gathering was not required by the department, and less … [Read more...]

Workplace Changes Can Lower Obesity Workers Comp Claims

As Obesity Problem Grows, Employers Can Make Changes to Help Lower Obesity Workers Comp Claims A speaker at the Risk & Insurance Management Society Inc. in Denver on Tuesday, April 29th, gave a talk titled "Obesity Weighs Down Workers' Compensation,” which discussed what employers can do to help lower workers comp claims from overweight employees. Kevin Glennon of One Call Care Management presented the talk, discussing problems with furniture and other office fixtures that could lead to workers comp claims. For example, most office … [Read more...]

Firefighter Finally Gets Workers Comp Disability Benefits

Judge Says Firefighter Wrongfully Denied Workers Comp Disability After receiving a serious personal injury while trying to save two people from a house fire, a firefighter in New Jersey has finally been granted his workers comp disability pension, although the benefits were originally denied because his work-related injury was not an “accident.” James Moran, a resident of New Jersey, was dispatched in early January 2010 to a house that appeared to be deserted, but was on fire. Before the truck company could arrive, however, Moran heard … [Read more...]

AT&T Not Liable for Telecommute Workers Comp Death Benefits

Court Releases AT&T From Paying Workers Comp Death Benefits for Telecommute Worker’s Family On Wednesday, July 30th, the Supreme Court of New Jersey freed AT&T from paying a workers comp death benefits claim to the family of a telecommuting worker who died from a blood clot while working for 10 hours straight. Cathleen Renner died in September 2007 from a pulmonary thromboembolism after sitting at her desk working for 10 hours straight. James P. Renner, Cathleen’s husband and now widower, filed a workers comp death benefits claim … [Read more...]