NFL Players Union Blasts Louisiana Workers Comp Bill

NFL Players Association Fights Changes to Louisiana Workers Comp The New Orleans Saints recently supported a bill that changed workers comp premium payouts for football players, and now the NFL Players Association is fighting back. NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said of the legislation, which passed the Louisiana House of Representatives on May 7th, that the workers comp changes “specifically targets professional athletes, to take away or limit their workers’ compensation benefits.” The workers comp legislation proposes to … [Read more...]

Work Stress Causes 10 Percent of Strokes

South Carolina Workers' Compensation Attorneys According to the results of a new study, mental stress at work may increase your risk of suffering a stroke. The results indicate that among middle class and upper class men, those who experienced psychological stress at work were about 1.4 times more likely to have a stroke than those not experiencing psychological stress on the job. Researchers said this means that overall, about 10 percent of strokes in this group can be attributed to work stress. The participants answered surveys … [Read more...]

SC Court Rules Employee Repetitive Injury Claim Timely Filed

South Carolina Workers' Compensation Attorneys Earlier this week, the South Carolina Court of Appeals issued a decision in King v. International Knife and Saw, ruling that an employee who suffers a repetitive work injury is entitled to benefits under the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Act if the employee files a worker's compensation claim within ninety days of the day that the employee first seeks medical treatment for the injury or is forced to miss work, even if the employee has known that there was a problem for years. Under the … [Read more...]