Feds Raid Tampa Businesses Charged with Workers Comp Fraud

Two Tampa-Area Businesses Charged with Millions of Dollars in Workers Comp Fraud Federal agents raided two Tampa-based businesses on Thursday, October 2nd, after investigations showed the businesses had committed millions of dollars in workers comp fraud. AmeriMed Diagnostics advertises that they help injured federal workers with insurance and workers comp claims, and offers some medical services like physical therapy. Unnamed sources say that the AmeriMed offices committed “workers’ compensation fraud worth millions of … [Read more...]

Commission Cracks Down on Workers Compensation Fraud

Tennessee Cracks Down on Employer Workers' Comp Fraud in the Construction Industry The Tennessee Department of Labor announced that it has been expanding its efforts to uncover employer workers compensation fraud in the construction industry in order to better protect workers in the construction industry who are entitled to file a workers compensation claim. The Workers Compensation Division has implemented new procedures to identify potential workers comp and payroll fraud such as intentionally misclassifying workers as independent … [Read more...]