Upstate Company Fined $480K for Worker Protection Failure

The Federal Government recently issued a $480,000 fine for an Upstate company for the way it handled a waste cleanup project in Florida. Welch Group Environmental is based out of Belton. According the US Department of Labor, Welch Environmental neglected to protect their workers from exposure to unsafe levels of lead during a cleanup in Delray Beach, Fla. Federal investigators said the company failed to provide eye and head protection while workers were cleaning up lead. Eye and head protection reduce the employees’ exposure to lead, … [Read more...]

Workers Compensation Death Benefits

South Carolina Workers' Comp Lawyers Funeral Costs, Medical Bills, Weekly Compensation Workers’ Compensation coverage is elective for employers in South Carolina with three or less employees. Anyone employing four or more employees is required to have workman’s compensation insurance, which provides benefits in the event that an employee is killed related to a workplace accident. When a loved one is killed in a work accident, a spouse and each child may receive weekly compensation. Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits Medical: … [Read more...]

Seaman Injured During Testing for Crane Lift

Arturo L Fernandez was a 56-year-old seaman and engineer. One day he was working aboard a pipe-laying derrick vessel. He was testing to prove the lifting capabilities of a crane on the vessel. At the time, pad eyes had been placed on a test barge to provide adequthe right balance for the test. A pad eye is a device that a line runs through, or provides an attachment point. It usually is bolted or welded to the deck or hull of a boat. At the same time, the boat had equalizer blcoks to connect the pad eyes on the lift barge to the … [Read more...]

4.1 Million Americans Injured Every Year at Work

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, every year, more than 4.1 million Americans workers are injured on the job. Those injuries can range from carpal tunnel syndrome to a severe personal injury such as breaking a leg or sometimes even wrongful death, caused by their job. For approximately 25% people of those people, their workplace injuries and illnesses are severe enough to warrant workers compensation. Fortunately, workers' compensation laws have been created in every state to protect individuals who are … [Read more...]

Texas Employees exposed to Falling Hazards

(Texas)-The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited a construction company with six safety violations after an inspection of the work site found employees exposed to several hazards while applying stucco to the exterior of a home. The OSHA report proposed penalties totaling $50,820. "This is not the first time [the company] has jeopardized the safety of its employees," said San Antonio OSHA Area Director Jeff Funke. "Exposing workers to possible falls is unacceptable and can have tragic … [Read more...]