Physicians Make Difference in Workers Comp Costs

Self-Interested Physicians Drive Up Workers Comp Costs in Some States A study of three states conducted by the Workers Comp Research Institute revealed that high mark-ups for physicians and physician-dispensed drugs was largely responsible for increases in workers comp costs. The study looked at workers comp costs in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. In both Maryland and Pennsylvania, lawmakers unsuccessfully attempted to curb physician dispensing of pharmaceuticals for workers comp insurance; in Maryland, 40% of prescriptions for … [Read more...]

Workplace Bullying Can Increase Workers Comp Costs

New Study Shows Bullying in the Workplace Can Increase Workers Comp Costs for Employers A new study suggests that bullying and mistreatment in the workplace can lead to increased costs for employers, including through raising workers comp costs, absenteeism, and disability claims. Researchers at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, in 2010 bullying at work accounted for 5.5% of absences due to reported illness. Workplace bullying – which includes insults, intimidation, gossiping, and withholding information – can … [Read more...]