Limiting California Workers Comp Bill Signed Into Law

California Governor Signs Controversial New Workers Comp Legislation Into Law After many months of debate, controversy, and lobbying, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed an updated workers comp bill into law. The bill, officially named AB 1309, places limits on the ability of former professional athletes to file workers comp claims in California. The state is one of the few in the nation that recognizes cumulative trauma in workers comp claims, and previously had relatively lax legislation for out-of-state workers, which including … [Read more...]

Proposed California Bill Would Bar Retired Athletes from Seeking Worker’s Comp in the State

California Proposes a Bill Preventing Disabled Athletes from Receiving Worker’s Comp from Out of State Retired professional athletes, who suffered debilitating injuries through their careers, have been using a lax California worker’s comp law to receive additional disability benefits. According to the current worker’s comp law, anyone who lived and worked in California is eligible for worker’s comp benefits in California state court, regardless of their current residence. Retired athletes, who may have only played one or two games in … [Read more...]