Jim Carrey Paid Workers Comp After All

Clerical Error Leads to Accusations, but Comedian Paid Workers Comp Accusations last week that actor and comedian Jim Carrey is a “bad boss” turned out to be false - he does, in fact, pay his workers comp premiums. Breaking news from TMZ last week accused Carrey of failing to pay for workers comp for his employees at his New York City art studio, Church of the FFC. Turns out, however, that Carrey did pay the premiums, and a clerical error from his workers comp insurer led to the confusion and a massive fine. Reportedly,the New York State … [Read more...]

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Workers Comp Does Not Cover Mental Health

Workers Comp Can Go To Mental Health Only When Related to Physical Injury The Ohio Supreme Court decided on June 5th that workers comp could only cover mental health problems if they were related to a physical injury that occurred on the job. In a 5-2 decision, the Supreme Court sided with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation against former truck driver Shaun Armstrong, who worked out of Cincinnati. Originally, Armstrong filed a workers comp claim for post-traumatic stress disorder related to a vehicle accident that occurred in 2009 … [Read more...]

Ohio Workers Comp Board OK’s $1 Billion Rebate to Employers

Workers Comp Board in Ohio Grants Massive Rebate to Local Employers After a flurry of activity in the last week of May, on Friday, May 31st, the Ohio Workers Comp Board officially granted $1 billion rebate to 210,000 Ohio employers. In a separate, but also interesting, action, the Ohio Workers Comp board passed a 2.1% reduction in base workers comp rates for employers. “This rebate is possible largely because of the excellent results we’ve gotten on our investments,” said Nicholas Zuk, the BWC Board of Directors chairman. According to … [Read more...]

Jim Carrey Accused of Being a “Bad Boss” – Does Not Pay Workers Comp

Comedian’s Infamous NYC Art Studio Has No Workers Comp TMZ reports that Jim Carrey’s now famous art studio, Church of FFC, does not pay their workers comp premiums to New York City. Carrey launched the Church of FFC back in 2011, and has already had a legal battle with the Big Apple over the “street art” on the front of his studio. City officials painted over his original artwork on the front of the studio, so Carrey later hand-spray painted the letters “FFC” and a figure he calls “Baba” onto the front. The city took him to court. The … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Town Shocked by Lack of Workers Comp Insurance

First Responders in Wisconsin Towns Find Troubling Lack of Workers Comp A number of local government officials in Wisconsin are trying to determine how much money they will need to pay for their workers comp insurance premiums, which they believed the county was paying for them. This is a particularly troubling situation for first responders. Two Wisconsin counties are currently reeling from the lack of workers comp insurance for their emergency medical staff. Towns in both Washura and Door counties believed that county government paid for … [Read more...]

Workers Comp Industry Improving in the US

According to NCCI, Workers Comp Premiums Went Up for Second Year After several hard years, workers comp premiums went up for the second consecutive year, according to a survey conducted by the National Council on Compensation Insurance. Net written premiums for the US workers comp market increased 9% this past year, or $39.63 billion. This is a huge improvement over the cumulative 27% decline from 2006 to 2010. “By many measures, the industry condition is indeed improving,” said Steve Klingel, NCCI president and CEO."While we are pleased … [Read more...]

Missouri Updates Workers Comp to Help Disabled Workers

Missouri Lawmakers Pass Legislation to Replenish Insolvent Worker’s Comp Fund On Thursday, May 16th, Missouri lawmakers gave final approval for a measure that would double fees charged to businesses so that they can replenish an otherwise insolvent fund meant for workers who need workers comp after becoming disabled on the job. The legislation currently waits for Governor Jay Nixon’s signature. If the legislation passes that final step of approval, then, in the next year, payments to disabled former workers who have waited a long time … [Read more...]

Michigan Bill Will Help Firefighters with Workers Comp

Workers Comp Bill Loosens Regulations For Firefighters’ Cancer Claims A new bill in the Michigan senate – Senate Bill 211 – proposes to loosen regulations for firefighters so they can file workers comp claims for certain types of job-related cancers. The bipartisan bill was introduced to the Michigan senate by Republican Tory Rocca, specifically to amend Michigan’s workers comp laws to allow firefighters to file a claim if they develop certain types of cancer, including respiratory, bladder, skin, and brain cancers. Firefighters would have … [Read more...]

Former NFL Players Gather in California to Protest New Workers Comp Bill

Former NFL Players in California to Discuss Need for Current California Workers Comp Laws A new workers comp bill in California, AB1309, has been proposed to bar out-of-state former professional athletes from filing for workers comp in the state of California, simply because they have played one or two games there. However, for the past several weeks, former NFL players and their attorneys have opposed the bill, because, according to the players, the NFL does not provide enough support for players whose bodies are seriously damaged in the … [Read more...]

NFL Workers Comp Claims Consolidated in California

Despite California Workers Comp Law, Three NFL Workers Comp Lawsuits Are Consolidated in the State Three workers comp lawsuits from National Football League players have been consolidated in in the US District Court in San Francisco, after a request from several teams and the NFL. The workers comp case involves 67 former NFL players who withdrew from an arbitration award issued in December 2012, which required the players to withdraw their workers comp claims from California courts. The players were part of several teams, including the … [Read more...]