Jim Carrey Accused of Being a “Bad Boss” – Does Not Pay Workers Comp

Comedian’s Infamous NYC Art Studio Has No Workers Comp

TMZ reports that Jim Carrey’s now famous art studio, Church of FFC, does not pay their workers comp premiums to New York City.

Carrey launched the Church of FFC back in 2011, and has already had a legal battle with the Big Apple over the “street art” on the front of his studio. City officials painted over his original artwork on the front of the studio, so Carrey later hand-spray painted the letters “FFC” and a figure he calls “Baba” onto the front. The city took him to court.

The latest battle with city officials comes in the form of workers comp premiums. Reportedly, Carrey’s studio was hit with a $72,000 bill because they did not carry workers comp insurance for all of 2012. The workers comp board never heard from Carrey, or saw any of the money, so they are now taking the comedian and his art studio to court.

The actor denies any wrong-doing. A rep for Carrey tells TMZ, “This is a clerical error on their part and will be cleared up immediately.”

Businesses are required to carry workers comp for employees, or must self-obtain an insurance policy that works the same way as workers comp. The sole proprietor, partners, or board president are liable for paying the workers comp premiums, and can be taken to court by the workers comp board if, as in this case, they refuse to pay the premiums.

Regarding the incident with his outdoor mural, Carrey reportedly pointed to a city worker who arrived to paint over the new mural, and said, “This gentleman has a job to do. He has his rules and stuff like that so he’s doing his job so I wasn’t upset that he did his job. I’m just doing my job. I’m doing my job now as an artist. I’m putting it back up and they can take it down again if they want to. And it’s okay with me. I’ll even pay for it.”

A wonder, then, that he has not paid to support workers comp for his employees.

Employer Retaliation of Workers Comp in South Carolina

As an injured worker, you may fear that your employer may retaliate against you for filing and seeking compensation for a workers’ compensation claim. Employees also worry about cooperating in the investigation of and/or testifying in support of an injured co-worker.

In most states, employees have a legal right to be protected from workers’ comp retaliation. Most commonly, people think of workers’ comp retaliation as retaliatory discharge or firing an employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Improper retaliation can fall short of termination, such as discrimination or harassment, and may include the following:

·         demotion, negative reassignment, reclassification or transfer;

·         unwarranted disciplinary action and/or negative performance evaluations;

·         wage reductions, salary reductions or a reduction in the number of hours scheduled; or

·         an unreasonable increase or decrease in job duties or responsibilities.

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