Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholds New Workers Comp Law

Oklahoma Supreme Court Changes Stance on New Workers Comp Legislation, Supports the Bill After the Oklahoma legislature made changes to the state’s workers comp laws in May, the Professional Firefighters of Oklahoma decided to fight back, and claimed that the new law was unconstitutional. In November, their claim went before the Oklahoma Supreme Court, who initially seemed to side with the firefighters. However, the court has now ruled, officially, that the new workers comp legislation is constitutional. On Monday, December 16th, the … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Supreme Court Overturns Workers Comp Reform

After Lawsuit, Oklahoma Supreme Court Tosses Out Workers Comp Reform Bill In September, the Professional Firefighters of Oklahoma filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn a recently passed piece of workers comp legislation, Senate Bill 1062. Senator Harry Coates (R-Seminole), and Representative Emily Virgin (D-Norman) joined the lawsuit. Now, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled to overturn the workers comp bill. The bill was passed in the last legislative session, in May, and reportedly sought to reform the workers comp system in Oklahoma by … [Read more...]

New Study Tracks NY Workers Comp Reform Success

Workers Comp Reforms Made in New York in 2007 Now Tracked By Study to Measure Success The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) has released the results of a study that tracked changes made in the New York workers compensation system in 2007, to measure the success or failure of changes. The new study, “Monitoring Changes in New York after the 2007 Reforms,” is the latest edition of an annual report that tracks metrics of the performance of the state’s workers comp system after it was overhauled in 2007. Overall, the reforms … [Read more...]