Campus Cop Receives Workers Comp for Occupy Pepper Spray Incident

Notorious UC Davis Campus Cop Gets Workers Comp for Mental Damages Due to Occupy Protest Pepper Spray Incident The infamous former campus police officer, whose photo pepper spraying Occupy protestors in 2011 went viral on the internet, has been awarded $38,000 workers comp in a settlement agreement with the University of California, Davis campus. John Pike, 40 years old of Roseville, reported suffered mental and emotional damages related to the pepper spray incident, including depression and anxiety brought on by death threats sent to him … [Read more...]

Ohio Employers Repaid $860 Million in Workers Comp Overcharge Case

Workers Comp Ordered to Pay $860 Million in Restitutions to Ohio Businesses A Cuyahoga County judge awarded $859.44 Million to Ohio businesses for restitutions because the state’s workers comp insurance program overcharged employers over a period of 8 years. The restitution was the verdict of a class action lawsuit brought forth by a group of 270,000 employers, many of whom are small business owners. The lawsuit began in 2007, and alleges that the bureau gave discounted premiums to some businesses that joined group insurance plans, then … [Read more...]

Cops Who Use Deadly Force Not Entitled To Workers’ Comp

South Carolina Workers' Compensation Lawyer South Carolina law enforcement officers who have experienced mental trauma after killing someone in the line of duty are not entitled to workers’ compensation. This news comes after a ruling was announced Wednesday by the South Carolina Supreme Court. The justices stated that the current workers’ compensation law does not cover mental health issues for officers who have had to use deadly force because they are trained to do so and understand that they may have to use it. The 3-2 decision stated … [Read more...]