UPS Driver Wins Workers Compensation After Hijacking

UPS Driver’s Truck Hijacked, Claimed Workers Compensation for PTSD, W. Va Supreme Court Awards the Compensation The Supreme Court of West Virginia has decided that a UPS worker, who filed a workers compensation claim due to PTSD suffered after his truck was hijacked, is entitled to workers compensation due to the physical nature of the injury. In August 2010, Jay Hannah’s UPS truck was hijacked by Joseph Dennis Harrison, who held Hannah at gunpoint and forced him to drive the Wirt County state police detachment. The events of the hijacking … [Read more...]

Detroit Teacher Files Workers Comp Claim After Student Fight

Detroit Teacher Who Broke Up Fight Between Students with Broom Files Workers Comp Claim for Trauma A Detroit public school teacher, who became famous after a video of her breaking up a fight between two students with a broom went viral, has filed a workers comp claim with her employers asserting that she now suffers post-traumatic stress disorder from the incident, rendering her unable to return to work. Tiffani Eaton, 31 years old, filed a workers comp claim on Thursday, July 9th, with the Education Achievement Authority, the group that … [Read more...]

Omaha Store Manager Receives Full Workers Comp for PTSD

PTSD, Anxiety Treatment Covered Under Workers Comp for Store Manager The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court ruled last year that a store manager who was shot 9 times for reporting an earlier robbery should receive temporary total disability benefits and workers comp to help his treatment. As of Friday, April 11th, of this year, the decision has been upheld by a higher court after the workers comp ruling was appealed. Matthew Kim is, according to courts, entitled to workers comp and disability benefits to help treat his post-traumatic … [Read more...]

New Workers Comp Bill Could Protect Sandy Hook Victims

Witnesses and Victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting Could Receive Expanded Workers Comp Public employees and teachers who witnessed the horrible Sandy Hook school shooting could, thanks to a new bill passed by the Connecticut Legislature, receive expanded workers comp benefits. While some benefits were expanded just after the terrible tragedy in 2012, payments did not cover continued mental health treatment needed to help emergency workers and teachers at the school recover from their post-traumatic stress disorder and return to … [Read more...]

Newton Police Officer Requests Workers Comp for PTSD

Police Officer Requests Workers Comp for PTSD from Newton School Shooting A Newton police officer has suffered such severe PTSD after responding to the Sandy Hook School shootings in 2012 that he has not yet returned to work, and says he will need workers comp to help him while he continues to recover. Thomas Bean, a 38-year-old husband and father of two, says he faces an uncertain financial future because he does not believe he can return to his law enforcement career. “I can’t even touch a gun,” he said. Bean stood before members of … [Read more...]

Travis the Chimp Precluded Workers Comp Recovery

It has been over a year since Travis, the 200-pound chimpanzee, went berserk, mauled Charla Nash and left her for dead. As you may remember, the chain of events started after Travis' owner simply asked Ms. Nash to help lure the chimp back into her house. While she survived, it is an absolutely understatement to say that Ms. Nash's life will never be the same. Frank Chiafari, the police officer who shot the chimpanzee after it tried to get into his patrol car, was forced to suffer as well. Despite suffering from post-traumatic … [Read more...]