An Employer’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation

Am I required to provide workers' compensation insurance? Essentially, yes. The rule of thumb is that any employer who regularly employs four or more workers full-time or part-time is required to have workers' compensation insurance. There are some exceptions, including agricultural employees, railroads, and railway express companies and their employees, and employers who had a total annual payroll during the previous year of less than $3,000, regardless of the number of workers employed during that period. Also exempt are Textile Hall … [Read more...]

Spider-Man Stunt Double Falls 30 Feet During Preview

A stunt double for the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark fell 30 feet on Monday evening during a preview of the show. According to USA Today, [Christopher] Tierney fell during a scene in which Spider-Man rescues his love interest, Mary Jane, but managed to land on his feet, the performer said. It was unclear if the actor was properly harnessed before the accident. Tierney was taken to the hospital where he remains in stable condition. This is the fourth accident in one month to occur on the set of the show. Another … [Read more...]

SC Supreme Court Decision Protects SC’s Injured Workers

The Post and Courier reported that the South Carolina Supreme Court recently held in favor of injured workers in a landmark workers’ compensation case. The injured worker in this case, 49-year-old Alli James, suffered a back injury after she fell down the stairs while working at Anne’s Dress Shop in downtown Charleston in 2002. She was rendered permanently disabled. The Court ruled that the Workers’ Compensation Commission has the authority to choose the method of accounting used when calculating workers’ compensation benefits. Prior … [Read more...]

Workers Rescued From Inside 160-Foot-Tall Water Tower

Two Florida utility workers, contractors with Utility Services Corp., were rescued last week after they became trapped in an empty water tower. CNN reports that the workers were performing maintenance on the water tower when their scaffolding failed and they plunged 30 feet to the bottom of the tower. It took fire rescuers almost five hours to lower the injured men 160 feet and transport them to the hospital. The workers' supervisor notified emergency personnel of the incident after he received a call from one of the workers. The workers … [Read more...]