Ohio Workers Comp Settlement for $420 Million

Workers Comp Bureau of Ohio  Class Action Workers Comp Settlement for $420 Million

workers comp settlementA judge in Ohio has okayed a workers comp settlement in a class action lawsuit against the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, to the tune of $420 million.

The class action lawsuit, approved on Thursday, July 24th, settles a 7-year-long case against the workers comp bureau that alleges state employers were overcharges for their workers comp premiums. The $420 million will go to a fund to around 200,000 small businesses to repay the workers comp money they were overcharged for between July 2001 and July 2009.

Cuyahoga County Judge Richard McMonagle said the workers comp  settlement he approved “is good for the workers.” In South Carolina, any employer who employs four or more full-time employees is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance.  South Carolina workers compensation benefits provide assistance in the event that an employee is injured on the job.

A previous Ohio court ruling said that the state’s workers comp fund for injured workers set up an illegal rating system which resulted in employers being overcharged almost $860 million over the 8 year period. Judge McMonagle said that businesses would receive substantial amounts to repay their workers comp premium overcharges, noting that “some businesses went out of business because of the rates.”

“The policies that were at issue in this litigation in 2007 are not the same ones in place today, and we’re pleased that we have reached a settlement so we can move forward,” Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation administrator Steve Buehrer said in a statement. “Improvements have been made to how premiums and discounts are calculated, as well as to billing practices, and premiums are continuing to go down as a result.”

Plaintiffs in the class action workers comp settlement will receive instructions soon on how to file a claim for workers comp premiums reimbursement.

Workers Compensation In South Carolina

SC Workers’ compensation insurance benefits to assist the injured employee include:

  • Medical treatment and other medical expenses (gas mileage, public transportation costs)
  • Lost wages: 2/3 of an employee’s wages will be paid out after a seven-day waiting period
  • Compensation for a permanent loss: blindness, loss of limb
  • Death benefits to spouse and dependents

There are obvious work injuries and not-so obvious work injuries:

  • Physical injury: an accident such as a fall, chemical burn, cut.
  • Repetitive injury: an injury acquired by repeating the same acts over and over through work. This could be accumulative hearing loss, debilitating back pain, carpel tunnel, neck pain. It is recommended to report a repetitive injury as soon as you need to seek medical attention for it.
  • Disease: an occupational disease is one that is acquired because of your job such as lung diseases (ex. Asbestosis) from work environments and hazardous work-related materials, or disease contracted because your work in a hospital.
  • Mental issues: Mental issues from extreme or unusual work conditions or from an ongoing work injury.

While anyone can file a SC workers comp claim for a work-related injury on his or her own, hiring a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Attorney ensures that your rights are protected.

The Strom Law Firm Understands Worker’s Comp Legislation

The SC workers comp lawyers at The Strom Law Firm, LLC proudly seek justice on behalf of employees injured or killed on the job who work for private companies, as well as employees working for local county, city, and state government. We are licensed to practice throughout South Carolina, as well as Georgia and New York. If you are confused about worker’s comp laws, or have had your worker’s comp claim denied, contact us. We offer free consultations to discuss the facts of your case. 803.252.4800.