Nail Penetrates Man in the Back of the Head

A construction worker is lucky to be a live after being penetrated in the back of his head by a three inch nail.

Jeff Lupak, 45, was working on a construction site in Bismark, North Dakota when the accident occurred. Lupak asked a colleague to hand him a 16 gauge nail gun. In the process of receiving the nail gun, the gun fired hitting Lupak in the back of the head with a nail.

Amazingly, Lupak said he felt no pain, just stinging pain and slight pressure in the back of his head.

Lupak was rushed to a hospital in Bismark. He was then transported to St. Joesph’s Hospital in St. Paul where neurosurgeons were waiting to carry out the surgery to remove the nail.

Lupak recalled doctors telling him, “Leave it in, it’ll rust and you’ll die of infection. Pull it out and you’ll bleed to death.”

Despite the risk, doctors performed the surgery to remove the nail. Incredibly, the nail missed all major arteries and was lodged between the left and right hemispheres of Lupak’s brain.

The surgery took more than an hour to performed, but proved a success. Lupak came out of the surgery with only minor problems including problems moving his left toes and ankle.

Doctors expect Lupak to make a full recovery.

“Somebody was looking out for me,” said Lupak, a father of three girls.