Man jumps into tub of acid to save coworker

According to CBS News, Four roofers in Clifton, N.J. rescued a co-worker who had fallen through a factory roof in and dropped 40 feet into a tank of acid.

The men were part of a crew working at Swepco Tube LLC. The accident happened Monday morning.

Martin Davis, 44, was working on the roof of Swepco Tube LLC, a metal tube manufacturing plant when he fell into the tank of nitric acid. Rob Nuckols, 51, jumped into the vat and with the help of three other workers, pulled Davis out.

When Davis fell, he was fully submerged in the acid, which was filled with a 40 percent to 70 percent solution of nitric acid used to clean metal tubing.

The fire department arrived about five minutes later and cut off Davis’ clothes and sprayed him down with water to stop the acid from burning through his skin. Nuckols also suffered burns on his legs and torso.

Davis is currently in critical condition.

Burn Injuries Can be Life Altering

Burn victims may suffer muscle, bone, blood and tissue damage as well as subsequent pain due to injury to nerves. Burns can also be fatal.

Depending upon the severity of the burn as well as the location of the burn, a burn victim may experience a wide number of potentially fatal complications, including shock and respiratory distress.

Burns can also result in severe psychological and emotional distress related to scarring and deformity.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.