Can I be investigated by an insurance company?

What Is A Workers Compensation Investigation?

It is estimated that workers compensation fraud costs the country billions of dollars each year. Workers comp fraud is when a worker claims an injury he or she does not have or exaggerates the extent of their injury in order to receive financial damages.

What can a worker’s compensation investigation do?

Workers Comp Insurance companies in South Carolina often hire private investigators to observe injured workers especially in the case of serious injury where the insurance company has more at stake. Please know that you may be under surveillance at any time.

Investigators use a variety of techniques to uncover workers compensation insurance fraud:

Surveillance. Investigators may use audio, video, and other types of observation to determine whether a worker is genuinely injured.
Interviews and research. Investigators have the right to interview colleagues, friends, family, trying to find out how extensive the worker’s injuries are.
Background checks. A worker’s compensation investigator may check medical records, and other records including background checks to determine whether a worker is truly injured or has filed fraudulent claims in the past.

Other Surveillance Methods

Methods of surveillance may extend beyond traditional physical surveillance to include social media such as MySpace and Facebook. You should be aware that if your Facebook privacy settings are open, anyone can access your information, including wall posts and pictures. When viewed out of context, this information may hurt your case and affect your overall impairment rating. Similarly, information that anyone else posts about you may also be fair game.

Our South Carolina Workers Compensation law firm will protect you and ensure that you do not unknowingly waive any important rights.

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