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Burn Injuries At Work

Severe burns injury and death can occur on the job due to fire, exposure to heat such as steam or boiling water, and exposure to chemicals or radiation. The effects of a burn on children and adults alike can be devastating and even deadly. The South Carolina burn injury attorneys at Strom Law Firm will protect your rights.

Burn victims may suffer muscle, bone, blood and tissue damage as well as subsequent pain due to injury to nerves. Burns can also be fatal.

Depending upon the severity of the burn as well as the location of the burn, a burn victim may experience a wide number of potentially fatal complications, including shock and respiratory distress.

Burns can also result in severe psychological and emotional distress related to scarring and deformity.

The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC handle various types of burn injuries and deaths that occur on the job or elsewhere, including:

Burns caused by defective products and equipment,
Chemical burns,
Burns caused by fire,
Electrical burns,
Radiation burns, and

Our South Carolina burn injury lawyer understands the South Carolina Workers Compensation benefits that apply. Depending upon the circumstances, we may also pursue a third-party negligence claim against the contractors, manufacturers, and other third parties who caused or contributed to a work-related accident or death.

Understanding The Severity of a Burn Injury
Burns are classified depending upon the severity of the burn as well as the layers of skin damages.

First Degree Burns: usually only effect the outer layer of skin and are limited to redness and minor pain, such as a sunburn. First degree burns are treated as a minor burn unless they are extensive.

Second Degree Burns: affect the second layer of skin and often involve blistering; the level of pain will depend upon nerve damage.

Third Degree Burns: The most serious burn injuries. Third degree burn injury will cause permanent tissue damages as well as major damage and deformity to all layers of the skin. Third degree burns usually require skin grafts or plastic surgery. Injured third degree burn victims are typically flown immediately to a local burn center.

If you, your child, or a loved one has been injured or died as a result of a burn injury at work, the attorneys at Storm Law Firm can help. Founded by a former U.S. Attorney, our firm understands the system and will fight to protect your rights.

By: South Carolina Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney Pete Strom